25 August 2022

Dynapack Asia: Breast Cancer Sharing and Caring in collaboration with Love Pink Indonesia

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness Among Employees, Especially women

Dynapack Asia recently held a series of Breast Cancer Health Talks at a number of our factories. In collaboration with Love Pink Indonesia, we conducted a series of offline health talks in our factories. This series of health talks about breast cancer aims to raise employee awareness, especially among women, to detect the disease as early as possible by conducting independent regular self-examinations.


Breast cancer sessions were held at Dynaplast 02 (Left) and Dynaplast 08 (Right) Factory at Cikarang, West Java. Dynaplast is a subsidiary of Dynapack Asia.

The 1st breast cancer talk began at our Subsidiary at Dynaplast Factory (DP02) located in Jatake, Tangerang, on Monday, 15 August 2022, and the 2nd session rolled out at Dynaplast Factory (DP08) located in JABABEKA, Cikarang, West Java, on Monday 22 August 2022. The seminars were attended by more than 80 women employees both from JATAKE and Cikarang factory sessions.


Chris Wicaksana (left) and Ina Sumatri (right) share about their experiences in fighting breast cancer, Chris had breast cancer 12 years ago, Ina also had it 10 years ago


The 1st breast cancer talk began at our subsidiary Dynaplast 02 (DP02) located in Jatake, Tangerang, on Monday, 15 August 2022. The 2nd session was conducted at Dynaplast 08 (DP08), located in Jababeka, Cikarang, West Java, on Monday 22 August 2022. The seminars were attended by more than 80 female employees from both Jatake and Cikarang factories.

"We want to have more programs dedicated to women and provide them access to various things - women's health, literacy, careers, and many more. Everyone, including women, has equal access to everything that needs to be mastered, so they can be empowered", said Emmeline Hambali, Dynapack Asia Group Managing Director for Shared Services.

Breast cancer survivors from Love Pink Indonesia (LPI) enthusiastically shared basic knowledge about Breast Self-Detection (BSE) and diagnosing through clinical methods. They also mentioned the medical treatments and offered suggestions on steps to take if the disease reaches an advanced stage. Furthermore, they shared their experiences of doing lipectomy, mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, and the healing process. One of the speakers emphasized that the key is to detect the illness early and immediately go to the experts for follow-up.

LPI members Tri Oetami, Intan Nurahmi, and Roza Marthalisa conducted the 1st session at our Jatake factory, whilst Chris Wicaksana and Ina Sumantri spoke at the 2nd session at our Cikarang factory.


Breast Cancer Examination practice, all participants require to do the BSE on a regular basis, like once a week or once a month.

"When the diagnosis comes out, we are racing against time", Chris shared. The longer before cancer is treated, the more cells develop in our body, and the more difficult it is to treat. If we are late and the cancer is already in stages 3, 4, or beyond, the life expectancy will be lower.

BSE should be practiced regularly, ideally at least once a week. It requires minimal effort and can help to detect breast cancer as early as possible. If there is a lump or an unusual situation, it is advisable to perform a clinical examination with ultrasound immediately. The doctor will conduct further investigations depending on the results of the mammography or biopsy.

In the sessions, the speakers from Love Pink also shared myths and facts that trigger breast cancer. This part is quite interesting and drives the participants to also share experiences and raise questions that turned out to contain myths about breast cancer.



Enthusiasm from the participants - actively asking questions and sharing their feelings about breast cancer. Doorprizes also helped to drive the level of participation amongst attendees.


The health talks about breast cancer will continue across our Group. There will be a special session in October 2022 to also commemorate the month of breast cancer awareness.


Love Pink Indonesia is a non-profit organization that focuses on socializing activities for early detection by practicing BSE (Breast Self-Examination), SADANIS (Clinical Breast Exam), and mentoring fellow women with breast cancer. Love Pink has been operating for eight years with dozens of breast cancer survivors as members and volunteers. They actively share and provide in-depth education about breast cancer to women's communities. Love Pink has also facilitated women with clinical detection, such as using mobile Ultrasound.

Love Pink is also open to public donations. Please access http://lovepinkindonesia.org/ for further information and for Love Pink schedules.