27 February 2023



Dynapack Asia is a prominent manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging and components in Southeast Asia and China. We cater to a diverse clientele comprising both local and multinational customers in the region, providing a wide range of products, including bottles, jars, tubes, caps, closures, precision injection, and molded parts for various industries such as personal and baby care, food and beverage, home cleaning, lubricant, pharmaceuticals, and automotive.

Operating 29 manufacturing sites across Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, Dynapack Asia manages a variety of manufacturing processes, with extrusion blow and injection molding as its primary focus. In recent years, we have intensified our focus on sustainability and made it a priority to deliver products with a lower carbon footprint. We collaborate with partners and spearhead initiatives to create a positive impact on the environment.

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We partner with our customers to encourage the adoption of recycled materials and products, strengthen the recycling ecosystem in the region, and achieve a circular economy. At Dynapack Asia, we are committed to adhering to local laws and regulations and enforcing a code of conduct for all our staff. We view sustainability as more than just a business strategy but strive to integrate its principles into our business model.

Dynapack Asia upholds core values that reflect our commitment to corporate social responsibility. These values form the basis of our code of ethics and align with our legal, ethical, and social obligations.

Dynapack Asia Value:

  • Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Excellence