09 April 2021

Dynapack Asia for Vaksin Gotong Royong

Vaccination Day at our operations at JATAKE & Cikarang

Dynapack Asia with the support of KADIN and Kimia Farma has rolled out the 1st vaccination session for our employees. 500 doses of vaccines was administered at its Tangerang and Cikarang sites.

Titadjaja Hambali- Group CEO of Dynapack Asia stated that Dynapack cares for all of its employees and is eager to provide the best for the team and their family. Dynapack Asia will continue to support government‘s mission in accelerating vaccine delivery to achieve herd immunity. Dynapack Asia has also continue to apply health protocols in the workplace, carry out various activities and educate people in terms of COVID-19 prevention both internally and externally.

“We believe that vaccination is the right step that must be implemented immediately to overcome pandemic so that we can all return to “normal” and be more productive in rebuilding the economic development. For that, we would like to thank the government, KADIN, the medical team - PT. Kimia Farma for facilitating the vaccination process and all participating employees. Let us continue to work together and try to get through this pandemic! ” Tirtadjaja Hambali emphasized.