09 April 2021

“DYNACAP” Won The Award of IGDS 2021 for Category of Product Design Best 3

“DYNACAP” Won The Award of IGDS 2021 for Category of Product Design Best 3


Dynacap for Yamalube-oil designed by Dynapack's Innovation Team won the 3rd position at Indonesia Good Design Selection (IGDS) 2021 in Product Design Best 3. The event took place at The Ministry of Industry building, Jakarta, on November 16, 2021, and was live on Youtube.

“We are delighted that our product can compete in this event. The 2021 IGDS Awards will undoubtedly be one of the creative events that encourage more innovation at Dynapack Asia. I hope this award will increase the level of innovations we create”. Tomy Aritanto, Group Managing Director - Technical and Innovation, said.

IGDS is the highest award given for industrial product design by the Ministry of Industry to Indonesian industrial product designers and industrial companies. The IGDS competition aims to improve the quality and benefits of products for the community and promote local cultural values that are accepted by the domestic and global market as a sustainable solution.

361 creations or products competed in IGDS 2021. The competition itself comprises two award categories. First, the IGDS Design Product is given for the design of industrial products (still being produced or marketed) of good quality. Next, the IGDS Design Concept is given for the concept of a quality industrial product design either in the form of a prototype or product sample.

The competition. which started in 2001, aims to present the richness of Indonesia’s industrial product design. Over 2021 competition, the Ministry of Industry's Directorate General of IKMA collaborated with 6 (six) Indonesian design associations to increase the competitiveness of national industrial products. - the Indonesian Industrial Product Designers Alliance (ADPII), the Indonesian Furniture Designers Association (HDMI), the Indonesian Visual Communication Design Professionals Association (AIDIA), the Indonesian Interior Designers Association (HDII), the Indonesian Graphic Designers Association (ADGI), and the Packaging Federation. Indonesia (IPF).

Watch the awards session via this link https://youtu.be/jDfESg5YZoE