09 April 2021

Apprentice Program Graduation: An Acceleration Program for Future Leader

From Apprentice Graduation Event on November 2021


Dynapack Asia has confirmed 16 apprentices from the 2019 class to join our group as employees on November 22nd, 2021. The inauguration rolled out online via zoom, attended by Dynapack Asia's management, Ibu Emmeline Hambali - General Managing Director of Shared Services.

The Apprenticeship Program started in 1993 in Dynaplast, and evolved over time to help our recruitment and improve skills within the group. The apprenticeship program is now a fast acceleration employment program designed to prepare future leaders for Dynapack Asia Group.

The 16 apprentices will be joining various subsidiaries:

  • 8 are hired by Dynapack Asia group which the assignment could be anywhere according to business and operational needs
  • 5 are starting in our factories, which the assignment could be anywhere specifically for plant-functions
  • 2 are joining Berli Dynaplast Thailand (BDP),
  • 1 apprentice is hired by Dynaplast Vietnam.

All apprentices will be assigned to several functions such as Production, QA, IT, and any roles in Dynapack Asia’s joint venture company with Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners-PT. Amandina Bumi Nusantara and Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation. PT. Amandina Bumi Nusantara focused on recycling PET production, meanwhile, Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation concentrate on managing the waste-collection center and other social activities.

Over the apprenticeship program, the trainee will gain excellent exposure through rotations within several functions in our business and operations. Moreover, the program enables the trainee to have meaningful interactions with Dynapack's leaders. The program opens annually for fresh graduates, and it comprises of few steps required to be passed over 2 years:

  1. In-Class Training. The 3 months early step of business education for all chosen apprentices. The training session provides comprehensive knowledge from field orientation, technical and manufacturing process, human resources, business, essential leadership, financial background, and soft skill. In this part, the apprentice is even required to act as an operator. This series of sessions enables the apprentice to be introduced to the basic operational process and business aspects.
  2. Assignments 1 & 2. This step allows the apprentice to be assigned in different areas and cross-subsidiary for learning improvement and stretching their maximum capacity through project-based learning. In this step, the apprentices will be exposed to different operational cultures enable them to deep down the business guided by an appointed mentor.
  3. Final Review. At the final assignment stage, the apprentice is required to present the portfolio project as the result of learning and recap their journey.
  4. Deployment. Apprentice will be deployed to each area based on their potential and business needs. Here is the journey of working begin for the apprentice.

“I am happy as part of Apprentice Program at Dynapack Asia, it helped me deepen my understanding of the business, as I worked in several functions. I could also navigate through various operations processes and meet other employees and leaders. I am now ready to start a new chapter as Process Improvement Specialist in Production Department DP06, thank you Dynapack Asia for the opportunity”, said Herawati, one of the apprentices of class 2019.

Management Trainee program has become an intense acceleration program for fresh graduates to pursue their careers. With many companies now opening their own management trainee programs, the door is very much open for the fresh graduates to pursue these career-boosting programs.

Congratulation to all Graduates and have a meaningful new chapter ahead!