08 October 2021

Rapid Plast won DUDI Award 2021: The Dedication for Vocational Education in Indonesia

Rapid Plast won DUDI Award 2021: The Dedication for Vocational Education in Indonesia

Rapid Plast Sidoarjo & Pasuruan (RPID) - Dynapack Asia’s Subsidiary in East Java, Indonesia was awarded the "DUDI Award 2021". DUDI which stands for "Dunia Usaha-Dunia Industri"  – is an award given by the Ministry of Education, Cultural-Research and Technology Indonesia (KEMENDIKBUDRISTEK) for industries and partners which have dedicated effort, time, and investment to support vocational education development. 

The event was held by KEMENDIKBUDRISTEK at Hotel Santika Premiere, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta on 15th December 2021. The award was received by Bapak Joni Tresnohadi, managing Director of PT. Rapid Plast Indonesia. In 2021, PT Rapid Plast was amongst 40 companies from numerous industries involved in "Link and Match Program” based on Presidential Instruction No. 9 the Year of 2016.

Rapid Plast is now partnering with 4 vocational schools located in surrounding factories in East Java. It has regularly opened opportunities for 80 students per term (1 term is for 6 month/1 year) to have an internship at its plants. During the internship, students are exposed to the overall production process where they could gain business and operational experience. They also perform hands-on activities in the production area to practice hard and soft skills. At the completion of the internship, Rapid Plast will continue to provide opportunities for permanent recruitment.  

"The internship program provides the opportunity for them to learn a lot about the real world of work, especially plastic manufacturing like us. It helps them to fulfill their study obligation (job-training). For us, it makes us easier to find skillful talent from our surrounding community", said Novita, Head of Human Resources at Rapid Plast.

The internship program started in 2019 and has been benefiting 200 students in total from 4 vocational schools. The Program will continuously be developed and plan to be conducted in other subsidiaries as well. In Dynapack Asia, education is one of its pillars for Sustainability, We believe that education is the key that leads to better conditions, creates sustainable welfare, and provides opportunities.

KEMENDIBUDRISTEK puts several criteria for companies to compete in this Award:

  1. Company/Industry has set an agreement with school partners;
  2. The partnership should be available for the current 3 years;
  3. Company/Industry business scale compared to partnership and number of partners.

Graduates from vocational schools (SMKs) are expected to be ready to work as experts in their field from day one of employment. However, the absorption rate of graduates in the workplace is still far from the expected level.


Since Presidential Instruction No.9 Year of 2016 was released, the government has emphasized the partnership and curriculum synchronization between vocational education and industries. The "Link and Match" Program movement indicated in the presidential instruction is a great start to overcome the challenge that happened in current years. The regulation set a stronger connection between the education sector and industry sectors and stakeholders at the local community level is needed.

Over 5 years since the regulation was announced, KEMENDIBUDRISEK has embraced numerous companies to work on the vocational school curriculum by integrating skill and competence required in each industry to be adapted in school. The link and match program also encourages industries to open job/internship opportunities for teachers and students, preparing them to be ready for work and much more adapted to the competence required in the industries.

The goal of the partnership between vocational school and industry is to gain employment absorption from graduates already equipped with specific competence/skills required by industries. Subsequently, the Program is expected to increase the employment rate. Dynapack Asia and its subsidiaries aim to continue their work to support this government initiative.