08 October 2021

Central Lab. at Dynaplast Plant – DP08, Cikarang has been Certified SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Health and Safety

Tangerang, October 8, 2021 ----- PT. Dynapack Indonesia -  one of the Indonesian subsidiaries of Dynapack Asia has been accredited with SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for microbiology isolation test. The certificate issued on 25th August 2021 and is valid for 5 years. The accreditation of SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is a general requirement for laboratory testing and calibration. 

The Central Lab has met both management and technical requirements, proving that Dynapack and its subsidiaries have set the parameters, applied the testing methodologies and conditioned proper facility/location for its products Below are the parameters used in the microbiology test: 

  1. Total Count Plate (TPC) ~ method is according to SNI ISO 4833-1: 2015  
  2. Escherichia Coli~ method is according to SNI ISO 7251:2012 
  3. Salmonella ~ method is according to SNI ISO 6579:2015 
  4. Yeast and moulds ~ method according to SNI ISO 21527-2:2012 
  5. Pseudomonas aeruginosa ~ method according to SNI 01 – 3554 – 2006 

The Central Lab is located in Dynaplast Plant 8 in Cikarang and will serve internal purposes of group. The clibration process will ensure the parameters are tested according to international standard. Certification and calibration will be updated annually as part of the quality assurance service we deliver to our customers. Activities such as theoretical and technical training, a comparative test program between personnel, a comparative test program with external lab., monitoring of environmental accommodation conditions, periodic verification of the methods we used, performance test programs for culture media, monitoring of pH of culture media, and use of bacterial culture reference with traceability will be conducted in regular basis. 

With the ISO 17025:2017 certification,  Dynapack and its subsidiaries will ensure quality and confidently increase customer trust. The SNI ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 certification will further support our need to ensure that our laboratory is operated with proper standards and enhance our performance in delivering products that are safe, knowing that microbiology test is essential in for food safety. The other purpose is to meet certain microbiological criteria, set by the government or other applicable standards.